Packaging project for private label company Viridio's latest products: a face serum and an oral spray infused with open-cell spirulina. 

- Create packaging that would enhance temperature balance 
- Protect content from direct sunlight and UV lights. 
- Packaging needs to be water resistant well as protect the glass bottle inside.

Packaging solution:
Our selection for the product container entailed the strategic utilization of 'Miron Violetglass' bottles, designed to selectively filter distinct light frequencies, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the enclosed product. Implementing a sophisticated two-layer box system, we effectively mitigated temperature variations, extending the product's refrigeration retention period and enhancing transportation safety. Our packaging solution incorporates Pop'Set color range papers, complemented by dual-sided lamination for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Design solution:
The top layer communicates product usage, while the bottom layer educates about ingredients, fostering transparency and trust. This design prioritizes user experience by offering guidance and knowledge. Overall, our packaging reflects Viridio's dedication to quality, innovation, and consumer empowerment.

Photography: Aurelija Asinavičiūtė
Production: Zuzuprint, Miron violetglass


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