SUBURBIJA came to be during the initial stage of planning and development of a new semi-detached housing region near the capital city of Lithuania. Location- Vilnius district region Tarandė. Benefits and price made it an opportunity to become a house owner that you could not walk past. 

Client was aiming to attract young and middle-aged clientele that love city life benefits, but want to have more privacy, freedom and step away from city buzz. At the same time, they wanted to create a bonded community of house owners which would grow stronger in time. 

Created Branding (company name, logo, brand book, iconography etc.) was aimed at clientele within 25-65 years of age. We wanted to show how Urban and Suburban lifestyles merge in to one. Creating unique balance of City Life opportunities and Country house privacy, peace and quiet. Logo represents two half that merge in to one which may be used to display different life censes. This allows us to create uniquely targeted ads for specific target groups as well as bring forth desired emotions.


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