Muontis is a 12 room hotel located in Šilalė city. The hotel is named after the biggest local mound "Medvėgalis" - a 14th-century hill fort located in present-day Šilalė District Municipality, Lithuania. Each hotel room is named after a different size mound surrounding Šilalė District which represents the size of the room and has its legend. 

Represent the historically rooted hotel concept in a minimalistic and elegant manner.

For the logo, I have designed a monogram, that is inspired by “Medvegalis” mound landscape. For the color palette, I have matched classic monochrome tones and light airy pastels. I have also designed an icon set of 12 different mounds to mark the naming of the hotel rooms as well as building information icons. The goal for the visual identity was to create a minimal and cozy feel for each guest with uncluttered historical spice.

Logotype design, visual brand identity, brand book, business card design, informational sticker design, notebook design, illustration, room signage, icons, tote bag design, pencil design, postcard design.


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