"Bičių Lobiai" - a family-owned apiary established in 2008 at the Jiesia Landscape Reserve. About 200 bee colonies are currently kept in the apiary. The apiary is a proud winner of the 2017 quality certificate issued to the apiary confirming the high standards of honey. 2019 apiary was recognized as the most advanced in Lithuania. The main apiary production: honey flavored with freeze-dried Lithuanian berries and spices. 

Represent the uniqueness in taste through brand design and packaging creating a seamless experience from the time you order online to the point of reading a label. The brand should be relevant in daily food routines and becoming a great gifting option.

For the logo, I have designed a lockup that integrates the elegant, modern, and fun brand essence. I have been inspired by the honeycomb, the most iconic shape that bees use to store honey and pollen. The goal for the visual identity was to create a universally understandable symbol and color palette system that conveys the flavor of the honey through color and icons.
I have also designed icons complementing the different Lithuanian berries and spices that are used to infuse honey with flavor as well as dish suggestions honey goes well with. For the color palette, I have chosen colors of berries and spices, conveying the taste and complimenting the color of the honey it is infused with.


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