International Baltic Psaltery Symposium – ​a two full days of presentations, discussions, creative workshops and concerts are relevant for museums, musicologists, folklorists and all those interested in the latest research on the protection, restoration and display of kankles, kokle, kantele, kannel.

Until now, 8 symposia have been held, dedicated to the presentation of the historical material and tradition of the latest stringed instruments: in 1990 in Tampere (Finland), 1994 in Vilnius, 1997 and 2008 Kaustinen (Finland), 2000 Riga (Latvia), 2004 Toronto (Canada), 2013 Viljandi (Estonia), 2017 (Kaunas). This year 2023 it's the 9th Symposium.

We had a pleasure working with Kaunas City Museum during this project. Our main goals were to create a unique look by using Kaunas City Museum style and convey folklore image in a modern and approachable way. Design included posters, banners, name cards and other items. Additionally, we have handled everything related to printing. 


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