YALA Kombucha Branding - Elevating Tea Kombucha with Style

Project Overview:

Welcome to our YALA Kombucha Branding project, where we've poured our heart and creativity into crafting a chic and inviting visual identity for this premium tea kombucha brand.

At the core of this adventure is our fantastic logo design. It captures the very spirit of YALA Kombucha – the natural, refreshing essence of kombucha with a touch of elegance and fun.

Comprehensive brand guidelines are laid down to ensure everything we do is consistent, polished, and instantly recognizable. These rules give our brand a stylish and coordinated look.

We put our heart into designing the packaging labels. It's the part you see, and it's where we have packed all the charm and character of YALA kombucha.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? We took stunning photos to show off our products in all their glory. These photos bring the YALA Kombucha experience to life, making you want to reach out and take a sip.

In this YALA Kombucha Branding project, we've succeeded in creating a visual identity that's classy, inviting, and truly premium. It's a reflection of what YALA Kombucha is all about – a journey that's worth savoring.


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